Stories that tell!

The Stories People

We work with you to identify, create and narrate your story to enable your audience to notice you amidst the clutter!


There is a story in all of us.


Each story is worth telling.


It's how you tell the story that makes the difference.


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The Stories People
help you with:

 Right content strategy
to maximise reach across mediums.

 Leverage credible content
to drive business growth.

Carve a niche for yourself in the ever-changing landscape of content.

Creating editorial IPs to aggregate your own audience.

No one knows your business better than you. Hence, TSP works with you closely to achieve success.

Proudly curated by The Stories People

Neeloy Roy Chowdhury, Author

Author, Coach, Mentor, Speaker. Technology, Sales & Alliances Executive.

Forces India,
Business Consulting

Assisting Indian Armed Forces veterans  fast-track to their Career 2.0 in India Inc.

Anahita Bajaj,

India's 10-year-old
literary sensation. Author of the successful Tummy Tales.


India's leading travel and lifestyle company. Helping people live their dream.


creates a strong connect with your audience, who then start trusting you as a credible brand.


means all your spending is targeted at reaching out to the right target group, and communicating right.


ensures you are always, fresh, topical and on top of the mind of your happy and all potential customers.

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