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Jan 28, Morning Session

Today, it's all about innovation, if you want to succeed. Then, why is it that most parents don't use literature, the best tool to fire imagination in our youngsters?

Jan 28, Afternoon Session

Life is literature and literature is life. Those who understand this grow into sensitive and successful individuals. Create the connect and use it to better your life.

Jan 29, Morning Session

Published authors, who also happen to head top corporates in Gurugram, talk about how to be successful in the boardroom on the back of literature.

Jan 29, Afternoon Session

Get to interact with the many faces of 'being lit.' Get to enjoy the perspectives, diverse opinions and respect for all lovers of creativity, be it spoken or read.


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Speaking @ Are You Lit?

Day One: Morning Session

Happiness Is A Book Away

Partho Sengupta

A born artist, who made a name for himself in the creative world with over 3 decades of experience in mainstream advertising and integrated business platforms, shelling out successful campaigns across all media's and channels, Partho Sengupta, currently works as the National Creative Head at The Times of India. His creative sojourn has shaped him into being a classic example of a man with perfect blend of sense and sensibilities!

Anahita Bajaj

Anahita's story is stuff dreams are made of. In a world where children are addicted to screens, she chose her first love, stories, to launch her career as an author a couple of years ago at the age of 10. Anahita's first book 'Tummy Tales' has made her the darling of the India's book loving tribe. She is currently studying at DPS International, Gurgaon.

Dr Roma Kumar

A Clinical Psychologist with over 30 years of experience, she is a senior consultant at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi and at Max Super Specialty Hospital, Gurgaon. She works with organisations, families and individuals to foster improved communication and solution-based strategies. She also specialises in adolescent guidance.

Anupama Jain

She has authored three books and co-authored 12 anthologies across genres, out of which one is a Limca Record holder as India's first Composite Novel. As a writer for children's books and fiction, she has won multiple awards for her writings and satirical blogs. She was listed as one of the ten Indian women bloggers a feminist must follow.

Naisha Anand

A published author. Student of grade 6 at Pathways School, Gurugram.

Surabhi Joshi

She is a poet, an NLP and TA practitioner, a theatre artist, and a Co-Founder of Wisdom Curators. She has also co-authored four anthologies. Currently she is Vice Principal at Manav Rachna International School, Charmwood, Faridabad.

Amita Khare

She understands the power of storytelling. A certified performance storyteller with extensive experience working with children, academicians and corporates, she weaves stories which entertain, surprise, enlighten and educate. Her art of storytelling takes her places across the country, performing at fests and schools and mentoring management workshops.

Deep Bajaj

An immensly proud parent who has been able to ignite the love for words in his incredibly talented daughter Anahita. Also happens to be one of the poster boys of India's Start Up Ecosystem!

Yagya Dhingra

A grade 10 student at DPS Gurgaon is a language enthusiast proficient in Spanish & Portuguese apart from Hindi and English. He is comfortable with Italian and Catalan and can read and write Arabic & Urdu. A published author he penned down a story that was published in Scholastic Writers Academy book. called 'Fabula' in 2021. He is into vocals and violin.

Pratham Gupta

A Grade XII student and the Head Boy of Manav Rachna International School, has been published in three books.

Rama Pandey

Seasoned award-winning author, playwright, director, actor, a multi-talented personality has eight books to her credit. Her recent work, a translation of an Austrian writer, is creating ripples. She does everything from the controversial line of subjects to poetry with ease. She has hosted events at Royal Alert Hall & Webley.

Day One: Afternoon

Special Sessions

Dr Rajshri Singh

She is the Inspector General of Police Traffic & Highways in Haryana and the State Crime Branch, Gurugram. She is the published author of two books and is a motivational speaker with an extensive fan following.

Pavan Choudary

A man who wears many hats, Pavan Choudary is a corporate leader, an angel investor, public intellectual and best-selling author. A true think tank whose knowledge transcends across many sectors. author of critically acclaimed best-sellers like When you are Sinking become a Submarine (How a Good Person Can Really Win), A Trilogy of Wisdom (on Chanakya, Confucius and Kabir), and Machiavelli for Moral People. And, more.

Dr. Rita Gangwani

As an author and personality transformation renowned International pageant coach, she is in the top ten Thinkers list of India. She is decorated with the President of India Award, Honored by the World Book of Records, the Sarojini Naidu International Award and more. A motivational Tedx Speaker, actor and entrepreneur, she has groomed the teams of many Fortune 500 Companies.

Amit Shankar

Best-selling author and poet, an advertising stalwart, a brand consultant, a social commentator, a political analyst and more. With five bestselling fiction titles and two international poetry anthologies to his credit, his short stories have been adapted into plays and films. Equally good in Hindi and English writing style, his story plotting is unique.

Meenakshi M Singh

An award-winning bilingual author of three books and editor of a feminist anthology featuring works of 125 poets. Conferred with Karamveer Chakra Award, she is the founder of SheTheShakti Inc and a member of WICCI Haryana Arts Council, contributing her work to many literary fests.

Neena Wagh

Writer, playwright, poet, filmmaker and social activist working actively in the field of Autism wears many hats. Sensitive in writing & storytelling, she has translated books by many foreign writers. Besides writing and reciting on several forums, her work has been published in two poetry anthology.

Tripti Singh

Thought Leader, Heritage Evangelist, TedX Speaker

Aparna Laxmi

A bilingual, internationally published author and poetess on contemporary issues, she currently writes and presents content on her YouTube Channel "Streelogues- Your Channel, Your Voice."

Day Two: Morning Session

Storytellers INCorporated

Nikhil Arora

A passionate marathon runner, popularly known as the Iron Man of Gurugram, Nikhil Arora is VP and Managing Director of GoDaddy India. His debut e-book, The Subtle Shifts of Radical Change, around the theme of navigating everyday changes in business, work and leadership in a post-Covid world, shows his belief in the power of words to make a difference to the world of work!

Saachi Dhillon

Author of the Amazon Bestseller, Dreaming Of Everest, Saachi Dhillon is a traveller and adventurer who has been to 23 countries. Professionally, she leads marketing at National Geographic India.

Anurag Anand

Anurag has authored 13 books. Two of his titles - have made it to the final shortlist of the Crossword Book Awards. A famous Bollywood production house has procured the screen adaptation rights of one of his books. An award-winning artist & a corporate professional, a lyricist in the making.

Yasmin Taj

Editorial Leader with more than 17 years of in-depth experience in journalism, both digital and print, research, and people management. Well aware of the nuances in running successful and high-impact digital and print media products with in-depth experience of creating and managing editorial teams and aligning them to the editorial philosophy of the brand.

Girish Aivalli

Author of four books, he is a senior management professional and a YouTube channel host. A motivational speaker, witty and business strategist, he is currently working on spy series ready for release in mid-2023.

Neeloy Roy Chowdhury

A coach, a mentor and an author of two books - ‘Bet You Won’t Read This - Embrace Negative to be Positive’, and ‘Devil’s I - Multiplying the I Within Yourself’, Neeloy Roy Chowdhury has more than two decades of experience in working across international borders in sectors, like IT, Telecom, Healthcare, Media and Retail. Sharing his learnings thereof is his way to ‘lit’ the world!

Shivin Tikoo

Shivin, a dedicated researcher and doctoral candidate at XLRI Jamshedpur, has made significant contributions to the field through his numerous articles presented at international research forums. His areas of expertise include strategic HR and talent development, and his latest book "Demystifying HR," has received high praise with a global rating of 4.1. He continues to strive for new knowledge and insights in the field through his ongoing research.

Day Two: Afternoon Session

Jagriti Luthra Prasanna

She is the founder & the renowned vocalist of Roohani Sisters, the Sufi Jugalbandhi. She is a doctorate in the work and contribution of Lt. Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan to Sufi music.

Rajesh Prasanna

An award-winning flautist performing on national and international stages, he hails from a traditional family of musicians of renowned Benaras Gharana. He preserves, exercises and fulfils the old traditional music and arts of India, which have been retained with his family for many generations.

Veena Gupta

Founder of Seam Global Consulting in Singapore & India. Google Icon 2022, a Tedx speaker with more than two decades’ experience in Risk & Security Integration she has authored a book MSMR, My Security My Responsibility.

Leena Namjoshi

Leena has over 15 years of experience in ideating, conceiving, managing, and curating national and international Art Shows and fests. Through ARTWORKZZ, her entrepreneurial venture, she has executed commissioned art programs for top corporate players, art galleries and government bodies.

Sonia Bhatnagar

An author and is currently the National Creative Director of a global advertising agency. She’s been scribbling stories on every available surface for as long as she can remember and started writing ‘In Your Blood, I Run’ in between shoots and PTA meetings on flights and vanity vans. When she’s not writing, she can be found napping, reading or watching movies.

Sahana Ahmed

Poetess and novelist based in Gurugram. She is the author of Combat Skirts (Juggernaut, 2018) and the editor of Amity: peace poems (Hawakal, 2022). Her work has been published in the International Flash Fiction Association (IFFA) journal, the Yearbook of Indian Poetry in English, and The New York Times, among others. Sahana is the India Country Chair for the World Peace Wing of G100 and receiver of the Woman of the Decade award at the Women Economic Forum 2022.

Rubina Sushil

Author hailing from Kashmir, she has many told and untold stories in her heart. With a background in journalism, holding the culture of her state has curated a coffee table book and recently released the text of six endearing short stories, Chinar Tales. Entrepreneur and luxury travel consultant, she finds inspiration from life’s little anecdotes.

Anil Bairwal

An author, poet, activist, and yoga enthusiast is an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad. Inspiration for the novel, The Good Things Are Around The Corner came from his interactions with artists across India when he worked as an activist. He has served as poet-in-residence at Basar Confluence. Every day he spends an hour or two in meditation and yoga—an avid traveller who likes photography.

AYL Boosters

Day 1: A Dramatic Presentation of a Story by Gulzar

ज़रा सा आओ न, बैठो, वतन की बात करें'

Ashutosh Shelat, renowned theatre artist

‘Us Paar’ is a story of a couple who, in a short period, lose everything they claim as theirs and are rendered refugees. Set amid thousands of painful stories of partition, the story of Sudarshan Singh and Sayani perhaps is singularly the most heart wrenching than any, as they set out from their village in Pakistan in 1947 in the hope of reaching their promised land...their home - Hindustan.

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"Exposure to literature is a sure-fire way to evolve into a sensitive human being"

Vineeta Jerath, Co-Founder and Editor, Suburb

"What the world requires today is intelligent, sensitive and empathetic human beings. The more we get exposed to literature, the more evolved we become in our outlook towards each other, and the world. Are You Lit is all about igniting that spark, that hope, that transformation, that we're all waiting for so dearly"

"An understanding of literature is the only tool required to lead a meaningful life"

Vishesh Prakash, Chief Content, The Stories People

"To understand the important of literature in our lives, all you need to do is look at the most successful people in any field. One thing they have in common is that they're all great storytellers. Where do you think they got that from? Getting exposed to literature in their formative years."

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